XBOX ONE Repair Service

XBOX ONE Bluray Laser Lens Replacement - $89.99
* Fixes disc reading problems. 1 hour service.

XBOX ONE Disc Not Read or Detected Repair - $89.99
* Fixes disc dirty disc error problems. 1 hour service.

XBOX ONE Disc Insert / Eject Issue Repair - $69.99
* Repair service for disc drive mechanism system.

XBOX ONE HDD 500GB Replacement - $129.99
* Original 500GB hard drive replacement.

XBOX ONE Stuck on LOGO Fix / Firmware Re-flash - $89.99
* 1 day service.

XBOX ONE HDMI Port Socket Replacement - $79.99
* Replacement service for HDMI port socket.

XBOX ONE Tune-up Service - $49.99
* Includes internal cleaning and installation for fresh high quality thermal paste.

Repair Information

JOGi MODS has extensive experience when it comes to Game Console Repairs. We repair many issues with XBOX ONE - Disc read errors, no power errors, freezing, network, motherboard shorts, hdmi ports etc.