JOGi MODS provides repair, modification/mod services for various game consoles, hand-held devices and computers. Modifications usually void the original manufacturer warranty, and is the customer's responsibility to be aware of this fact. Repairs from third party, like JOGi MODS, will also void the original manufacturer warranty OR any 3rd party/extended warranties. Custom cases, LED mods or any procedure involving opening the device/unit will most certainly void the manufacturer warranty. However, unlocking a cellphone or cellular device will not void the manufacturer's warranty. Components used in repairs can range from original to high quality aftermarket parts. Please note that devices can leave marks and impressions that they have been repaired and opened before, this is especially applicable for devices with metal housings which have bent frames.

Disc drive firmware modifications and modchips are no longer offered as of Nov 2012.

Some modifications provided are for the sole purpose of opening the system to use custom or homebrew software (free or open source available applications and software) therefore extending the features of the device/system. These "MODS" are NOT meant for pirating any media, software or IPs and should not be abused. To the best of our knowledge, these services provided are based on linux or open source tools and do not break or circumvent digital locks.

The customer is liable for violating or complying with any local, federal laws and for any unauthorized or illegal use of the above services. It is the customer's responsibility to be aware of this and avoid any misuse.

JOGi MODS does not condone piracy or copyright infringement AND a) Will never provide any backup discs, software (illegal or legal copies) b) Will not provide the customers with any help or guide them on how to obtain such illegal software or backup discs. Please do not use our services if that is your goal.

Personal information: Customer's personal information will never be sold to any third party. It will only be used for warranty purposes. This typically includes customer's contact information and device serial or other identification.

Personal or Device Data: IF possible or applicable, Please backup your important data from your device before bringing in for servicing. Most services do not affect the data stored on your device, however we do not take responsibility if the data becomes corrupt or invalid or lost. Certain repair conditions, complications, new components and services can potentially require resetting the firmware or data storage.

Liquid Damage Devices: Please note that devices can potentially develop more defects over time or during repairs due to the progressive and corrosive nature of damage due to liquids.

Bent/Broken/Damaged Frames & Housings: Devices with physically affected housings/bezels/frames/corner etc. can potentially leave marks or scuffs after performing repairs in order to complete the repair process or to prolong the longevity of the repair.

Our goal is to have a great understanding and relationship with our customers. We encourage our customers to read and accept these very FAIR and REASONABLE terms and warranty information at the bottom of this page before servicing at JOGi MODS.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns. All terms are subject to change without notice. Last updated April 2016.