settings_input_hdmi Sony PS4 No Display Signal Repair Service

PS4 HDMi Replacement
* Typically 2 hour service. Replaces broken HDMi pins or port with new port.

PS4 HDMI Broken Pads/Tracks Repair
* Not a standalone service. Only as addon to HDMI repair.

PS4 WLOD White Light of Death Repair
* Typically 1 day service.

PS4 HDMI Encoder IC Replacement
* Typically 1 day service. White light no display symptoms.

disc_full PS4 Bluray Disc Reader Repairs

PS4 Disc Not Detected / Laser Lens Replacement
* Typically 1 hour service.

PS4 Disc Reading Error
* Typically 1 hours service.

PS4 Full Disc Drive Replacement
* Typically 1 hours service.

PS4 Pro / PS4 Slim Disc Drive Replacement
* Typically 2 hours service.

precision_manufacturing Sony PS4 Other Repairs

PS4 Hard Drive Repair / Replacement
* Typically 30 minutes service.

PS4 Blue Light Repair
* General failure - Diagnosis required. Turn-around time dependent on underlying issue.

PS4 No Power Repair
* Typically next day service. Diagnosis and estimation needed.

PS4 Bluetooth Controller Sync Repair
* Typically next day or next day service.

PS4 Stuck On Software Update Loop
* Typically 1 hour service. If storage replacement required, please see above.

PS4 Cannot Start - Update Error
* Typically 2 hour service. If storage replacement required, please see above.

PS4 General Failure Diagnosis
* Diagnosis fee for fault finding.

Please call for more information.


Repair Information

JOGi MODS has extensive experience when it comes to Game Console Repairs. We have repaired Playstations since the very 1st PS Model.

For PS4 consoles we can repair a wide variety of issues like - No video no display problems, No disc feed issues, Disc read errors, blue light errors, freezing in games, motherboard shorts, hdmi ports, usb ports, storage & hard disk drives etc.

We can do advanced level chip replacements like Panasonic hdmi encoder ICs, Bluetooth ICs, Drive ICs, HDMI track rebuild, Diode & filter replacement etc.