All hardware repairs & replacement parts come with warranty. Limited Warranty is provided with for a period of time from the date of the repair or in some cases from the date of the unit pickup. Please check the repairs section on the website OR your receipt to check warranty period. Warranty receipt is needed for claiming warranty. Please note warranty will be considered void if:

  • Our warranty sticker is broken or tampered with.
  • The unit has been opened up by customer or 3rd party.
  • There is physical damage to the unit in question.
  • There is liquid damage to the unit in question.
  • Repairs have been performed or attempted on the device by the customer or 3rd party.


Screens are not eggs which crack on their own. Please note that we cannot return broken glass/screens to our suppliers. These parts cost us money and we are accountable for them in our business expenses. Liquid damaged, cracked LCDs or glass will not be covered under warranty for any reason. This includes minor or major cracks, cracks caused by pushing down on screens, pressure, damage while forcing device into a case, fall or other physical damage. Leaking, black LCD OLEDs, purple or blueish spots or areas on the screen, Lines through the screen are all caused by physical damage and will not be accepted for returns for any reason.

If JOGi MODS is unable to fulfill the warranty, due to unavailability of parts OR due to ir-reparability, JOGi MODS will refund the original repair cost partially or fully depending on the service(s) in question.


There is no warranty provided on software services due to obvious reasons. Some examples of such work are firmware installs, software installs and configurations, updates, patches, virus removals, operating systems etc.


Due to manufacturing process, LCDs might exhibit stuck pixels and dead pixels. We have a 2 Stuck Pixel Guarantee. That means JOGi MODS will replace the LED/LCD screen within the first 3 months if it has more than two stuck pixels. The same applies for dead pixels. Stuck pixels tend to go away with time on their own. JScreenfix.com can help unstuck pixels in about 10-15 minutes.


All ports, sockets, HDMi, charging, USB, DC jacks etc will only be covered for warranty if they are not physically broken (eg. bent pins or pushed pins/sockets/connectors/lifted connectors etc). Force damaged socket/ports/connectors etc will be considered physical damage.


We offer refunds for all our services. The item in question will be inspected for issues claimed. If any issues are found, then they will be rectified IFF they are the same problem that was originally repaired AND under active warranty from JOGi MODS. If the item issue cannot be rectified under warranty, then full refund can be issued for the service. However, please note that any replacement parts used for the service will be removed from the unit. For some services there will be a nominal labor fee which cannot be refunded. Please call if you have any questions regarding these terms. Parts Restocking Policy

Most purchased parts are eligible (lasers, power supplies, housings, flex cables, ICs, screens etc) for returns if they are un-used and have original packaging (if any). There is a $10 re-stocking fee for all parts under $70 and $20 for parts $70 & above. Please note we are unable to take back damaged, installed, used or broken components.


Our services are outsourced by many shops and repair centres; All warranty and returns related to such work, tendered indirectly by jogi mods through these 3rd party vendors, are to be handled by the 3rd party vendor in question.

Please call us if you have any questions or concerns. All policies are subject to change without notice. Last updated April 2016.