iPod Touch Screen Repairs

We replace screens for all iPod touch models. Most repairs are sameday or next day service. We take the shattered screen out and replace it with a brand new replacement part. We can replace both outer digitizer touch glass screens and internal LCD display screens. Please note that some models have these digitizer touch & display LCD screens fused togather into a single part.

iPod 7 Series Display Replacement - $60

iPod 6 Cracked Glass Screen Replacement - $60

iPod 5 Cracked Glass Screen Replacement - $60

iPod 4 Cracked Glass Screen Replacement - $50

iPod 2nd / 3rd Screen Replacement - $50

iPod Other Repairs

We can fix other issues with the iPod Touch:

iPod Charging Lightening USB Port Socket Replacement

iPod Battery Replacement

iPod Charging Only At Certain Angle

iPod Disabled Firmware Re-programming

iPod Locked Out / iTunes Logo

iPod Touch Jailbreak - $39.99
* Typically 1 hour service; Call with iOS version.

iPod Touch KODi Install & Configure - $59.99
* Typically 2 hour service; Requires jailbreak.

Passcode removal - $39.99
* Typically 30 minutes service; N/A for iCloud lock.