Nintendo Wii Repairs

Wii Disc Read Error Repair - $50
* 1 hour service. Fixes problem with error has occurred messages when loading games.

Wii Laser Lens Replacement - $40
* 1 hour service. Fixes slow loading or disc read errors.

Wii Disc Insert Eject Problem Fix - $50
* 1 hour service. Fixes for the insert eject mechanism on the wii dvd.

Wii DVD Drive Replacement - $50
* 1 hour service. Includes full replacement dvd drive reader for wii.

Wii Controllers Not Syncing Repair - $50
* 1 hour service. Fixes bluetooth or controller sync issues on wii.

Wii No Power - $50
* 1 hour service. Fixes problems with no mouse on wii screen.

Please call for any inquiries.

Repair Information

JOGi MODS has extensive experience when it comes to Game Console Repairs. We repair many issues with Nintendo Wii - Disc read errors, 'error has occurred messages', no power, freezing, WiFi, bluetooth, motherboard shorts, usb ports etc.